Getting Back into the Swing of Things

It's hard to believe that Katie will be 8 weeks old in just two days.  It doesn't seem that we've been home for nearly that long.  It seems like it was only yesterday and I was totally distraught with Katie's jaundice and weight loss.  But, we survived, just like Abby's stay in the NICU nearly 8 years ago. 

I've loved having the chance to spend time with my family over the past few months, especially since Mike is now a stay at home dad.  I'm so proud of him for making that tough decision.  It took a huge leap of faith and shows his amazing strength and courage.  Thursday morning is going to come all too soon for us and I'm feel very blessed that I won't be having the same back to work anxieties that I had when I went back to work after Abby was born.  I can remember dropping Abby off at daycare the first day and crying in the car the entire way home (I decided to take her to daycare for a half day the day before I returned to work so I could adjust).  And, when I got home, I cried more.  When I picked her up around lunch, I cried tears of joy.  But, I realized she was ok and so was I.  That did make the next day a whole lot easier, but I was still upset.  This time, I don't have to worry about strangers at a daycare.  I don't have to worry if she feels loved or if she's having to cry for long periods of time before someone tends to her needs.  I know that her daddy, my husband, will be caring for her the entire time I'm at work... showering her in love and affection and teaching her all sorts of fun stuff.  Knowing all of that will make Thursday so much easier.  Don't get me wrong, I'll still shed tears, but not nearly as many.

I kept telling myself before Katie arrived that as soon as I was released, I would start exercising on a regular basis again.  Uh, yeah, well... Thursday marks 2 weeks of being released to exercise and (as of right now) there has been no exercising.  Hopefully, going back to work will be a motivation for me to exercise again (most likely as a form of stress relief).  I am happy to report that I've lost all the baby weight and a little more.  Since yesterday was a teacher workday for Abby, we all got dressed up and went out for lunch to Mellow Mushroom.  Abby picked out my clothes, not realizing that some things fit and some things don't (oh, the closet of a mommy).  She happened to pick a pair of pants that were tight before I got pregnant.  I was ecstatic to put them on only to discover that they are even a little loose now.  Yahoo!  I can only imagine how good that will feel once I start moving my tush again.

With things settling into a new normal around our house and in our lives, I plan to begin blogging again on a regular basis.  "Plan" being the key word... who really knows :-)


Sues said...

YAY for the now-loose pants!!! Doesn't that just rock your confidence?! Prayers of ease for transitioning!

Jamie said...

Yay! Good for you on the weight loss! Once fitting tight jeans turning into jeans that are now a bit loose is wonderful!!!

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