Digiscrapping, Take 1

I've been inspired by my high school friend, Susie, to give digiscrapping a try. Admittedly, I have tons of paper scrapbooking stuff shoved into drawers and cabinets around the house, but I can never find the time (or space) to sit down and complete a project. No, really. I have a 60% complete scrapbook of our trip to Disney World from 2003 or 2006...it has been so long, I don't even remember. :-(

We bought Abby a netbook for Christmas to replace our really outdated family computer. As the mom, I made the executive decision to download a trial of Photoshop Elements to see how hard digiscrapping really is. I must admit, it was super easy and all of the design pieces were FREE! I could never say that about the paper stuff.

Now, I will admit I've only done one thing as a test, but it only took a few minutes and I'm really looking forward to doing a lot more. I just need to get all the pics off the cameras and my iTouch :-)

Here is my first ever digiscrap - a pic of Mike and Abby from Christmas morning:

I can't wait to find some fabulous freebies online and get started with Christmas and Katie's arrival.

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Sues said...

SOOOO EXCITING!!!!! I can't wait to see all of your pages over time!!!!!!!! :-)

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