Still Waiting

No, I haven't fallen into a black hole.  I just haven't been accessing my laptop very often and it's really hard to blog from my iTouch :-)

I ended up being taken out of work on October 25th.  For whatever reason (baby's placement, asthma, etc), breathing became a real struggle and I found the only relief was in lying on my side.  It wouldn't have been so bad, but it happened every 2-3 hours.  Not ideal for working at my desk or in a meeting.  Thankfully, the breathing issues seemed to improve in the past day or so, but that has been replaced with plenty of other "she's almost here" side effects.

I had the ultimate in bad experiences at the doctor last Friday.  When I arrived for my appointment, I was expecting to see the doc that is scheduled to deliver me.  As the nurse was taking my vitals, I noticed that his name was scratched out on the paperwork and the doctor I detest was written in.  At that moment, she was taking my blood pressure.  My eyes started tearing up and my blood pressure went from my normal 114/68 to 151/98.  Immediately, the nurse knew something was wrong.  She was so sweet and told me not to apologize.  I had a right to see the doctor I wanted to see.  I told her not to worry about it... but when Mike found out, he stood up for me and made sure the appointment was corrected.  The practice manager apologized and rescheduled me for Monday morning since no other OB physicians were in the office on Friday afternoon.  When I arrived on Monday, I was able to see my doc and my blood pressure was back to normal :-)  My doctor even apologized for the Friday fiasco.  I thought that was very kind, since it really wasn't his fault.

While at the doc on Monday, my fears were confirmed... looks like this little princess might not be so little when she arrives.  Just like Abby, I've gone from measuring on target to measuring 3-4 weeks ahead in the past couple of weeks (same time this happened with Abby).  Because I'm having the c-section, they don't "need" to perform an ultrasound to confirm.

On a lighter note, I'd like to thank the fabulous women in my church family.  They were so sweet to have a shower after church on Sunday and Abby was able to attend.  Another friend in Sunday School is also pregnant, so we had a joint shower.  It was so nice to see Abby enjoy the shower... she and a friend helped distribute my gifts and she coordinated the trash bag.

With only two weeks to go, Mike and I are trying to focus on getting everything ready around the house.  I'm a procrastinating perfectionist by nature (don't ask how that works... I've always been that way about everything), so you wouldn't know by looking around the house that we have a baby due in two weeks.  But, I know it will work out...

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Sues said...

Bless your heart! I am so glad it got straightened out with your doctor!!!
"Procrastinating Perfectionist" - I adore that!

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