A Whole New World

Our family dynamic will be changing soon, as baby #2 arrives.  But, before then, we're shaking things up a bit in preparation.

From the beginning, we've been a two income household.  For those of you who share in this, we all know that it can be difficult to manage at times because there are only so many hours in the day and balancing work and family x2 can be a real challenge.  Don't get me wrong, I don't think having one parent at home makes family life easy, but some of the challenges are different.

With our newest addition scheduled to arrive in about 7 weeks, Mike and I have said a lot of prayers over the past few months and really sought God's guidance on where to go from here.  While it won't be easy (nothing important ever is), we've decided to become a one income household (maybe 1.5).  With the expenses of daycare, before school, teacher workdays, summer camp, etc., it seemed almost silly to hold on to those expenses just to have two incomes (those little things sure do add up in a hurry). 

Abby was super excited when we told her... until she realized that we would have to make sacrifices in other parts of our budget.  This weekend was an experience as satellite ended and she was relegated to broadcast TV, Netflix and Wii.  Of course, once she realized she could watch nearly all her shows from the very beginning on Netflix AND Wii games can be rented from Redbox, the shock seemed to wear off quickly.  Sadly, Mike and I are still adjusting to the lack of DVR (that's right, I'm spoiled and I like being able to record a show and fast forward through commercials).  I'm sure it will get easier with time :-)

When we first started discussing this major decision, I wondered if I'd feel jealous since Mike would be the one staying home.  But, with the decision made, I realize that jealousy isn't really a concern.  I'm so excited that Abby and baby #2 will have the chance to be home with their daddy and that I have a job that typically doesn't require travel or long hours... so I'll be home with them as soon as school gets out (Abby).  And we're both looking forward to avoiding daycare and the germs that breed in that environment.  I don't think daycares are bad, but I do think that some parents send their children to daycare when they should be kept at home (fever, diarrhea, etc.) and everyone ends up suffering.

So, as our newest adventure begins, feel free to offer any words of wisdom.

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Sues said...

That *IS* a huge - and sure to be BLESSED, since it's borne of prayer!!! - change!!! How exciting! I have zero experience w/ daycare, but I have often wondered "why?" when my 2-income-household parent friends complain about how they have to work jobs they're *not* passionate about, just to pay for daycare. I know 1 parent staying at home isn't right or even desirable for some families, but I think it's so courageous & REFESHING to see a family pray about & then step out in faith to put better priorities into practice for themselves!

My dad was a stay-at-home dad for my brother & me from the time I was 2.5. It was such a blessing!!!

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