A Tearful Time

Don't be alarmed... nothing has happened to truly warrant the tears.  But, I think these crazy pregnancy hormones are seriously kicking into high gear this week.

I'll admit, my moods have been less than ideal throughout the past 7 months or so.  But yesterday afternoon and today seem to be the absolute worst.  I wanted to cry this morning while making lunches for me and Abby.  Why you ask?  Oh, because I was making peanut butter/maple syrup sandwiches and ended up having too much leftover.  A downright catastrophe!

Even sitting at my desk, I find myself feeling teary, even about nothing.  No kidding.  Just sitting here doing work (writing test cases) and I notice the screen get blurry.  I didn't even realize I was crying.

Boy, I hope this is just a passing thing and it goes away soon.  I have too many weeks left... I'll be a complete basketcase if this keeps up.


Sues said...

I understand. :-) *hugs*

Daddy said...

Sweetie....I love you and it is ALL gonna be fine!

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