A Planner's Dream

When I was pregnant with Abby, I was told at around 35 weeks that our baby was going to be big...real big...10 pounds big.  The doctor highly recommended a c-section due to potential complications with babies that large.  At first, I was totally heartbroken.  I really, really wanted a natural childbirth.  I felt robbed, like part of my womanhood had been stolen from me.  But, I quickly came around when she advised me of the complications, including breaking the baby's collarbone in order to deliver.  No way was my baby going to be born with a broken bone on purpose!

My due date was February 26.  With only 4-5 weeks remaining, they scheduled the c-section for the first available date, March 2.  That meant I waited anxiously on February 29 (yep, it was leap year in 2004) and hoped that I didn't just happen to go into labor that day.

Fast forward a little over 7 years.  With the anxiety of my first c-section long gone, I'm all for having one this time around.  I'm a planner and a perfectionist, so being able to choose the date, the time and the doctor?  That is a no-brainer.  I was a little surprised at my visit this week that the doctor went ahead and forwarded the request to have my c-section scheduled.  But, I'm thrilled to get everything planned and it's nice that I already know what to expect.

When the scheduler called, the first date she offered was in November.  I asked if I could wait until December.  My reasoning?  Don't laugh... I like the birthstone for December better.  Very mature, right?  It's as a good a reason as any other. (No offense to November babies.)  As for the doctor and the timing, I couldn't be luckier.  Because the schedule hadn't been set for December, I had first dibs on both.  Woohoo!

Earlier this week, I found another benefit to having a c-section... explaining childbirth to my 7-year-old.  Out of the blue, Abby asked how the baby would be born.  Easy - mommy will go to the hospital and the doctor will give her a lot of Tylenol (to Abby, Tylenol is a miracle drug).  The doctor will make a small cut on mommy's tummy, take the baby out and give mommy some stitches.  Mommy and the baby will stay in the hospital for a few days and then come home.  I'm certain Abby could have handled more details, but I wanted to avoid future conflict...specifically "that call" from a parent or teacher because Abby has help an impromptu childbirthing class for 2nd graders.  No. Thank. You.

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Ha! I get that - I was so excited for her that Annelise got April = diamond! :-P

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