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Less than a month ago, I attended an information session at Abby's school that included the superintendent of our school system... so I knew something important would be discussed, but had no idea what.  That evening, they announced a proposal to convert Abby's elementary school from K-5 to K-8 to address expected overcrowding of the only middle school in that portion of the county within the next few years.  Studies have shown that students in the K-8 environment tend to have a better overall experience (learning and social) than the "standard" K-5 and 6-8 environments.

I was really impressed to hear about the proposal and the opportunities that would be available to the students at her school going forward --> 1:1 laptops for every middle school student; science, technology, engineering and math theme for the entire school (the elementary started applying the theme this year); dedicated path to Early College program with NC State for STEM theme; no typical transition to middle school. 

For us personally, this is a HUGE opportunity.  Because Abby was transferred to her school, she is allowed to remain there until the end of the school's grade levels.  That means she will be able to stay through the 8th grade.  I love that she can stay with the same friends and classmates for that long.  I never had that growing up and I think it's really important.

Abby is very excited about the expansion at her school.  She really likes the school, the staff and her classmates.  She had already started asking what would happen after elementary school...she was very aware that the kids at her school would go to a nearby middle school, but that she most likely wouldn't be able to go to that same school.  Knowing that she can stay makes her really happy (and Mom and Dad are happy too!)  Of course, I've explained to her that a lot of things can happen in the next 3-4 years, so don't get too focused or excited.

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