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We haven't had a family vacation since our weekend at the beach at the end of February to celebrate Abby's 7th birthday.  We decided to have one final vacay as a threesome before *baby* arrives and Labor Day was the perfect time... the last hoorah for beach bums, not too preggers and we get a freebie without having to use vacation for Monday.

This was the third time staying at a friend's condo in Carolina Beach.  I've gotten better each time about packing, but I still end up packing too much.  I need to figure out a better method...because the next time we got, it will be the FOUR of us and we all know how much stuff babies need.

Abby and I went down on Thursday night and Mike met us on Friday.  The weather was perfect the entire weekend.  We only saw rain as we drove back on Monday afternoon. 

Friday, Abby and I walked along the beach.  Once Mike arrived, we had lunch at the Trolley Stop (I've heard people rave about their hot dogs, but we weren't impressed).  We went to the Kure Beach Pier, and of course the arcade.  With our help, Abby had over 200 tickets and walked away with a harmonica (still not sure why Mike suggested that to her), a locket and air heads.  Oh, the joys of being a kid.  That evening, we had dinner at Bowman's in Carolina Beach and I have to say it was probably some of the best Calabash style seafood we've ever had!  I would have happily eaten lunch and dinner there for the rest of the vacation.  After dinner, we cruised the Boardwalk area (in the car) and walked the fireworks at the beach.  Abby loved it until the end when it was REALLY loud (she's very sensitive to loud noises).



Saturday, we took our usual day trip down to Myrtle Beach to walk around Broadway at the Beach, but only after fresh, hot donuts from Britts.  The number of donuts isn't important :-)  These are the BEST donuts I've ever had...even better than Krispy Kreme.  Seriously.  Once at Broadway, we started our shopping excursion.  Abby loves spending her money in the stores at Broadway because they have so much more than what she typically sees at home.  She bought herself another Tervis Tumbler and lid.  I have a feeling she'll have a good collection in the next couple of years.  It took me a lot longer to choose my Tervis Tumbler... but I ended up with one that I love.  We enjoyed walking through the shops and Abby's choice for dinner was Planet Hollywood.  The best part about dinner was the light-up mug that came with her drink.  Mike and I were really impressed with the food and loved that there wasn't a wait.


Sunday was a lazy day.  We had a late breakfast that wasn't all that great.  At least we're figuring out which places are fabulous and which ones are worth skipping.  We spent a few hours at the pool and a few more at the beach.  I finally got some sun on my pale skin (I can't remember than last time I actually had tan lines...I'm just not much of a sun worshipper).  Abby enjoyed the ocean and found tons of shells - thanks Irene!  For dinner, we headed into Wilmington to try Rucker Johns.  Another hit.  They had plenty of variety and everyone loved their food.  After dinner, we played a round of mini golf.  They failed to mention the fire ants throughout the course and the swarms of mosquitoes...until after they took our money :-(  That was the fastest round of 18 holes every played, I guarantee.  Each of us made at least 1 hole-in-one and Abby had a blast.  After that, everyone needed a dose of Benedryl.  We made a pit stop at the Boardwalk on the way back to the condo and I lucked out with some pumpkin pie fudge.  (This is my absolute FAVORITE fudge flavor, but it's usually hard to find outside of the fall.) 

On Monday, we were greeted by the HOA plumber for the condo.  Never a good sign.  He had some unexpected repairs to do.  Luckily, we were getting packed and ready to return home.  We stopped at The Sawmill in Wilmington on the way home and it was fabulous. 

I think everyone had a great time, but I was ready for my own bed after a few nights away :-)

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I looooooooooove beach vacays!!!!!!!!!
And I want see what your Tervises look like! :-)

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