All About Me (her)

One of Abby's first homework assignments was to fill a brown paper bag (think lunch bag size) with 4-5 things "All About Me."  She had the weekend to think this over and made her presentation to the class on Monday.

Bubba, who I think has been renamed since he originally came to our house, was a treat from my parents when they took Abby to see the circus a few years back.  He's a white tiger in a cute purple purse.  The purse didn't go to school, but Bubba had huge "awh" factor.

Family Portrait
While we were at the beach for Abby's birthday, we had a kind stranger snap a family portrait of us...including our beloved beagle, Bojo.  Although Bojo is no longer with us, we still consider him to be part of the family.  Again, major "awh" factor, but Abby was quick to let everyone know that he's in heaven now, so he is OK.

Harry Potter
Abby is really excited for us to read the first Harry Potter book together, so she took her newest treasure to share.  We've gotten out of the habit of reading together and I think this will be great fun for both of us.

Mr. Wuf
You can't be a Wolfpack fan without showing Mr. Wuf some love.  Abby took a small representation of her passion and Wolfpack pride!

Big Sister
Abby couldn't leave off one of the biggest things to happen in her life.  She's so excited about becoming a big sister.  She has a magnet that can also be part of a necklace or bracelet that says it all, "Big Sister"

In addition to the items inside the bag, Abby also had to decorate the bag.  She chose a flower scene for one side and a huge heart with "I love Mom and Dad" on the other.

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I LOOOOVE projects like this!!! Just the BEST!!!

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