Let me step up on my soapbox... Tax Free Weekend.  If you don't have Tax Free Weekend where you live, don't be too jealous.  It is estimated that NC will lose between $12 and 14 MILLION in tax revenue this weekend by having a Tax Free Weekend.  The idea is to stimulate the economy (and combat the lost revenue to businesses in SC and VA because they were hosting Tax Free Weekend long before NC).  No, that money wouldn't have made a huge difference in balancing the State budget that was just passed, but it would have helped a number of agencies and programs that received significant cuts.  And, let's be honest, if your child has a school supply list, you aren't deciding whether to buy school supplies or not based on Tax Free or Taxed.  And, if your budget is so tight that having the Tax Free Weekend is the only way you can afford to buy school supplies, we need to address that as a separate issue... because you shouldn't have to choose between school supplies and feeding your kids or school supplies and paying the power bill.

Ok, I'm stepping down now :-)

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