Happy Early Birthday to Me!!!

My birthday is just two weeks away, but Mike gave me a fabulous surprise last night.  When Abby and I got home, there was a package at the door.  Abby, always hoping for something in the mail, ran to find out who it was for.  It was addressed to me, but I didn't order anything.  I know better than to get snoopy around my birthday, so I had her take it upstairs to Mike's office.

When he got home, I overheard the two of them "plotting" in the dining room.  When we sat down to dinner, the package was in my chair and all the labels had been removed.  (Obviously, my attention to detail would have given the surprise away if the labels had remained.)  I opened the package to find a scarlet Hobo wallet in the Lauren pattern.  I was so surprised!  I had been fawning over this particular wallet for a while, but couldn't bring myself to actually buy it.  Most of my wallets cost less than $20, so this was way out of my comfort level. 

Abby had no idea what was in the package and couldn't understand why she wasn't consulted.  Mike explained that sometimes you let the birthday girl pick her gift and just surprise her with it.  Abby seemed ok with that and even mentioned the gift in her blessing before we ate.

I think Mike thought I was crazy when I asked him to smell my new wallet.  Yes, it has a smell... leather.  As soon as Abby was tucked in for bed, I plopped in my chair and started moving all my *stuff* into my new wallet.  I love all the pockets and zippers.  I've got room for all kinds of things now.  I'm also thrilled that my keys and phone will fit in the wallet so I can just grab and go when I need to.  I'm sure this will really come in handy when I start toting a diaper bag again :-)

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Sues said...

YAY!!! Happy EARLY birthday! Sidenote: I just got a wallet this weekend that holds my phone & my camera, too, and it's ALL I think I will every carry again! (I'm not a big purse person.) Awesome gift!

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