The End and New Beginnings

Last week was a whirlwind week for Abby.  Although school didn't start for our 2nd Grader until Thursday, the entire week was one "event" after another.

Abby spent the entire day with a good friend of mine (her daughter and Abby are also good friends).  Of course, her kids tracked back in to year-round school this week, so it was just Abby and Lisa.  Abby had a blast and loved visiting for the day.  She got to walk to the elementary school to have lunch with her own friend and all of them went to the neighborhood pool after school.  Shortly after we arrived home, Abby's brand new backpack was delivered.  More on that later.

Abby spent the morning with her papaw (my dad).  The went for breakfast at The Flying Biscuit, toured the Rose Garden and walked around the NC Museum of Art.  For the afternoon, Abby and I had her new backpack monogrammed, went to the Y pool for a little while and attended Meet the Teacher.  She was so excited about her new teacher, Ms. Fox... she's a Wolfpack fan!  Seriously, this was the first thing Abby noticed when she entered the classroom. 

On a side note - meeting her teacher made me feel really old because she looks a lot like my niece, Aubrey.  Abby thought so too.  Of course, Aubrey is old enough to be a teacher, but I guess I just haven't encountered this before.  All of Abby's other teachers have been teaching for 15-20 years and don't look like any of nieces :-P  Abby's teacher does seem very nice and very organized.  She also seems to truly enjoy children.

So, I found two unused Barnes & Noble gift cards in my wallet from Christmas and ordered a surprise for Abby scheduled to arrive before school started.  When we finally arrived home on Tuesday night, Abby had mail.  (Abby loves receiving mail and always hopes to have something, even though she rarely does.)  She had a postcard from her new Sunday School teachers AND a package.  After multiple attempts at opening the package, she ended up asking her dad for help.  He quickly showed her the "Pull Here" tab.  It totally reminded of the Far Side cartoon "School for the Gifted." 
 Once she opened the package, she found the first book in the Harry Potter series.  She seemed very happy.  You see, we had gotten the book from the library and started to read it together, but couldn't renew it because of the wait list.  I figured, why not buy it for her.  If she enjoys it, we can buy the rest of the series.

Since there was no Y camp this week, Abby's been here and there.  For Wednesday, she attended a sort of "mini" camp at a local community center.  It's right around the corner from my office and the price was right.  It doesn't hurt that Mike actually worked at the center when he was in college and later when he worked for the City Parks and Rec department.  Abby was a little bummed there wasn't a pool...because the Y has two pools, but I think she managed just fine.  Once I picked her up, she was all smiles and told us (willingly) about everything she did.  It sounded like she had a great time.

The First Day of Second Grade.  Here's Abby's brand new backpack.

For the past six months, she's been begging for a messenger bag.  I have no idea why, but who am I to question a girl's sense of style?  I didn't want to waste a bunch of money on a bag that wouldn't last, so I agreed to let her have a messenger bag from L.L.Bean.  The only problem...the bags aren't very small (and Abby is).  But, she's determined to make this work.  We've agreed that this will be her backpack until middle school and Mom &  Dad won't be buying another one until then.  She's fine with that and so proud of her new bag.  We're both really happy with the monogram, even though it cost a ridiculous amount!

The first day of school was awesome (Abby's word). She loves her new teacher and I think it's going to be a great year.

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