Doctors all Around

Since my OB practice has multiple doctors, I'm starting the makes the rounds through everyone.  This week, I got to meet the newest doctor to the practice and she's AWESOME!  She didn't brush off any of our questions and went to great lengths to give us as much information as possible.  I love doctors like that.  I may have a new favorite.  I'm super thankful that I like her because it gives me at least 2 doctors that I'm comfortable scheduling my c-section with.  In all fairness, I haven't met 2 of the remaining doctors so I may like them too... waiting 7 years between babies, you realize a lot can change at the OB practice.  Typically, I would just see a nurse practitioner because they had more appointment availability.

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Sues said...

Awesome!!! Yay for positive, comfortable options!

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