Bringing Back Memories

Over the weekend, we fired up the Wii and watched a Veggie Tales movie.  My sister-in-law introduced us to Veggie Tales years ago when Abby was a baby.  Her first Veggie Tale movie was a gift from her Aunt Kim and starred Madame Blueberry.  Abby loved it.  Over the weekend, I remembered back to our old townhouse preparing food/bottles for daycare in the kitchen as Abby happily enjoyed breakfast in her high chair while watching Madame Blueberry.

As we watched Veggie Tales over the weekend, Mike explained to Abby that she'll be watching stuff like this again, but with her little sister... who WILL NOT be partaking in the likes of A.N.T. Farm, Hannah Montana, iCarly or Shake It Up.

Then, we reminisced about the shows Abby enjoyed all those years ago (I know, it's only 6 or 7 years, but it seems like a lifetime ago)... Bear in the Big Blue House, Jojo's Circus, Doodlebops, Little People (VHS tapes that were worn out), Little Einsteins.  I guess we'll be entrenched in kiddie shows all over again, and this time it's likely it will be a whole new set.

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Leslie said...

I remember those shows with my daughter. The only one we didn't watch was Bear in the Big Blue House. Chasity was scared to death of it. lol

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