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I didn't realize how long I had gone without posting until I checked my dashboard this morning.

It has been a rough few weeks for us.  Our sweet beagle, Bojo, is no longer with us.  We had hoped we were turning a corner after a trip to the vet, but after a few days of improvement, things went downhill quickly.  We all miss him terribly, but know it was for the best.  I'm torn at this point on whether to get another fur baby or wait a while.

Baby #2 is doing just fine.  After our level 2 ultrasound back in June, the doctor asked us to return for a follow-up appointment, but said everything was fine.  It took me a few minutes to process this and the realize that "everything is fine" and "I'd like to see you back in a couple of weeks" really aren't the same thing.  Of course, this realization didn't hit until I was walking out of the office.  So, I was totally distraught by the time I returned to work that day.  But, a good friend helped to talk me off my ledge, and I was able to enjoy the follow-up appointment as we saw her again.  And, everything is still normal.  Thankfully, we had a different doctor this time around and he was much more forthcoming with information.  Since I had a whopper the last time around (10lbs, 2oz), he recommends another ultrasound in a couple of months.  He just wants to make she this one is on track with her growth.

While Abby took a vacay for the week of July 4th to visit her grandparents (and cousins) at the beach, we took the opportunity to create our registries at Target and Babies R Us.  I can't begin to calculate the amount of stress we saved ourselves by NOT having a 7-year-old assistant with us during the process.  Target was a breeze (because they really don't have all that much these days), but I thought Babies R Us would n.e.v.e.r. end.  OMG.  I don't remember it being such a chore the last time, but maybe I just blocked it out.

Another thing we did during Abby's vacay week...Wii!  Abby has a few games that she really enjoys, but Mike and I are partial to Super Mario.  I guess we're just old school :-)  Abby, on the other hand, has no use for the game.  She says it's too hard.  I'm not a good judge because I've been playing some variation since middle school.  While she was away, we took turns enjoying some Mario time.  I have to admit, it serves as stress relief, but you totally lose track of time.

By the end of camp last week, Abby was already asking, "When does school start?"  She loves camp, but she's ready to get back to school with her friends and learn new things.  I'm impressed she made it halfway before mentioning it.  Next week, she'll be a daycamper at Camp Kanata and she's so excited.  Hopefully, she'll have at least a week of overnight camp at Kanata, but we opted for just a week of daycamp this year.  I'm sure she'd do fine at overnight camp...she's never had a problem spending time away from home, even before she was a year old.  I think she'd love to spend the entire summer at various away camps, but my wallet doesn't like the idea of that.

On Sunday, Abby and I took a trip to the pool...and I actually wore a swimsuit.  I've never been a fan of swim attire.  Let's just say my body just doesn't have the right shape (because they don't really make round swimsuits).  Anyway, the last time I took her to the pool, I just wore shorts and a t-shirt as I sat in a lounge chair reading and watching.  And I about roasted!  It was just too darn hot.  That made me realize that I'd have to get something to wear and my old tankini top just wasn't fitting anymore.  So, I decided to make an effort to find something the next time we were at Target.  Guess what?  I found the perfect tankini top on clearance for $6.28.  It was cute, but not totally boring.  And, I *think* it might even be slimming.  I wore that on Sunday with Abby and it was so much cooler.  Of course, I still didn't actually get in the pool, but one step at a time.

More on baby #2.  We have settled on a name.  For whatever reason, I was totally focused on picking a name as soon as we found out the gender.  Now, we just have to wait until she's born to share it with anyone.  Abby will be the first person we tell :-)  Maybe it's superstitious or just uninterested in other people's opinions, but we didn't really share Abby's name before she was born either.  I'm super excited about the name we picked and I'm sure Abby will love it, even though we didn't choose any of her suggestions.

Two of my good friends (Susie and Jamie) recently posted on their love of their *new* hometown.  It got me thinking, even though I consider Raleigh to be my home (I have lived her for almost 15 years), I don't think a move would be out of the question if the right opportunity presented itself.  Growing up, I was like a military brat without the military.  My dad was transferred numerous times with his job and I got used to moving every year or so.  We didn't settle down until high school.  For me, it was rare to be at the same school two years in a row, but I was able to spend all 4 years at CHS (through the good and the bad).  As much as I'd really like for Abby to grow up with the same group of friends, sometimes I think learning to cope with change is a good thing too.  For now, we're just going to enjoy Raleigh for what it is.


Sues said...

So much to say!
Bojo - I am soooooo sorry!!!! :'( I dread that day...
WHEW re: the 2nd ultrasound! SO GLAD it *was* no big deal like mine w/ Annelise!!!
Annelise & Will can't wait for school, either. :-)
YAY for a *good feeling* bathing suit! (I know how rare those suckers are!!!)
Can't wait to hear the name!!!!!

Re: hometowns - having lived in Concord from age 2-18 & having all my mom's fam there back to the early 1700's (the very 1st house in Cabarrus Co. = my too-many-greats grandfather ;-)) it BROKE.MY.HEART to start shuffling our kids around the country like we have done, feeling like they had no roots. And I know we're not finished moving. But I love what you said about it teaching them to learn how to cope with change - biggest AMEN to that! I feel like my kids are so much stronger, more confident, easier going, and more well-rounded than a lot who have only known living in the same bubble. We'll settle in one place by middle school, but I think that will give them the best of both worlds.

marcieb77 said...

Wow lots of stuff going on in your life right now Phyllis so excited for you! As for someone who was a "military brat" until 6th grade, at the time I didn't enjoy moving around every 3 years because I missed my friends. But as I grew older, I felt like it's made me the person I am today. I can adjust better to life's "hiccups" and really enjoy being in different places. I will always consider Concord my home because I've lived there the longest. But it's definitely nice to have a change of scenery and experience new things :)

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