Swimming and Sushi

Swimming was always something I wish I could do better.  I can swim, just not particularly well or efficiently.  As a parent, I wanted my child to be a good swimmer - for safety, fitness and fun.  I wasn't so sure that was going to happen after we signed Abby up for her first swim lessons years ago.  Instead of taking to the water (and the lessons), she avoided getting her ears wet.  She didn't mind her face in the water, as long as her ears didn't get wet.  Try that sometime and see how well it works (or doesn't).  We didn't push the issue because our princess had so many issues with ears infections and tubes that we figured the ear/water aversion may be related.

During her first year at the Y for camp/track-out, she enjoyed swimming each day, but because she was unable to pass the basic swim test, she had to remain in the shallow end with a turtle shell (a float device that looks like a block strapped to their backs).  Last year, she made HUGE strides and was able to pass the basic swim test (swim half the length of the pool - face in the water, freestyle or breaststroke and tread water for 30 seconds).  We were so proud of her.  Of course, that meant she could ditch the turtle shell, get into the 4' deep area AND use the water slide.  This year, camp started last week.  They typically offer swim tests on Mondays.  Last week, she offered not to swim and to assist with swim testing (helping the kids line up, cheering them on as they tested, etc.).  This week, she took the swim test for the coveted "black" band.  This is swimming the entire length of the pool and treading water for 30 seconds.  On Monday, Abby earned her black band and she can go anywhere in the pool, including diving into the deep end.  I actually teared up when she showed me her new band.  I'm one proud Mama!

Don't start freaking out.  I know you can't have sushi when you're pregnant.  There's a lot of other stuff you can't have, shouldn't have, or should limit when you're pregnant too (lunch meat, Splenda and other sugar substitutes, caffeine, good meds for headaches).  I'm making a mental list of the things I will be enjoying in the days and weeks following the delivery.  And at the top of my list are sushi and Starbucks.  Some of you will say, "but you can get decaf stuff at Starbucks."  I agree, you can, but I would rather just wait until I can enjoy the full octane stuff again.  Thankfully, Pumpkin Spice will be in season again.  As for the sushi, I already have a number of rolls that I miss and can't wait to enjoy.  Although these are my top wants, I have plenty of others... Mt Dew (not diet...that's just gross), chocolate (fudge, brownies, ice cream, cake, candy bars, whatever...I'm really thinking a piece of red velvet cake from Hayes Barton Cafe would hit the spot because that's not just any piece of cake), sweet tea, sub sandwich (with ham and roast beef)...and the list will go on as I start missing more things.

But, these minor sacrifices are well worth the reward in the end.  And yes, I know plenty of people don't give up most or all of this stuff during their pregnancy, experience no complications, and give birth to a healthy baby.  Being a worrier and a guilt hoarder, I'd rather not challenge anything when it comes to our baby.

So, if you want to join me in any of these fabulous culinary pursuits after the little one arrives, come hungry!


Sues said...

GO ABBY!!!!!!!!
And mmmmm...pumpkin spice!!!!

Leslie said...

Great job Abby!

And.... I'm totally in for the Red Velvet Cake!!! (That's what we had for a wedding cake!)

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