I really tend to avoid the doctor unless absolutely necessary.  It's not that I don't like doctor's, but I don't like spending money and time at the doctor's office if they aren't really going to be able to offer any assistance (aside from take some Tylenol and rest).

That's why yesterday was completely outside of my comfort zone.  When I woke up, I was having a new pain near my c-section scar.  It was a constant cramping pain with a periodic sharp, stabbing sensation.  I took some Tylenol and went about my day.  By lunch time, the pain was more noticeable and it was actually making me hold my breath when the sharp pains came.  I decided to call the doctor's office to see if it was normal.

Since I was already taking Tylenol and drinking plenty of water (10 glasses per day + milk and juice), I decided to go in for an appointment because I was, to be honest, a little scared.  I didn't realize how scared I really was until the nurse practitioner put the Doppler to my belly and we could hear the healthy, strong heartbeat.  I couldn't even speak because I was crying.  She said we may never know what was causing the could be a result of scar tissue from the c-section, it could be regular growth that just felt different this time, it could be ___ (really, the possibilities seemed endless).  But, she reassured me that coming in was the right thing to do and not to second guess myself. 

The whole experience must have been very draining for me because as soon as I got home with Abby, I sat down in the recliner.  The next thing I know, Mike is talking to me, making sure I'm OK because I fell into a deep sleep and was difficult to awaken.  Go figure!  Thankfully, the pains are not as intense today and aren't happening nearly as frequently.  I'm hoping they'll go away completely with another day or so.

Now, I'm counting down the days until my next (scheduled) appointment...20 days! 

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Sues said...

Praise that it's NOTHING, but I sooo understand what you went through! I'm the same way re: the doctor - NEVER going unless I *KNOW* it won't "just run its course." With Will, I had a 100% issue-free pg; with Annelise, I started cramping & bleeding just a bit 3 weeks after I found out I was pg = terror. It was the same: turned out to be a total mystery but confirmed that it wasn't dangerous. Whew, but yeah. I can completely commiserate!!!!

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