Fur Babies

Some people just aren't able to understand the bond we have with our fur babies.  Yes, I realize they aren't human, but they are part of the family.

Our fur baby, Bojo, has recently started displaying some symptoms that indicate he may not be as young and healthy as he used to be.  The past few days have been very hard around our house and everyone is upset.  While I don't want him to suffer or be in pain, I also want to keep him with us for as long as possible (selfish, I know).

I know that dogs are no different than humans...you don't have to be old and fragile to become ill.  But, I guess it's not something you really think about until you have to.

Please pray with us that Bojo's health improves so that he may continue to be a thriving part of our family.


Sues said...

You KNOW you've got our prayers!!!! Bonnie turned 9 the beginning of March and is also displaying the first signs of old age - esp. arthritis in her hips. It was CRUSHING us. It still makes my tummy churn when I see one of her "old" moments, but the ONLY thing that stopped me majorly freaking out is prayer and giving her well-being and our family's emotional care over this up to God. You've got it!!!

Jamie said...

You know I agree with this post 100%....Alex is 12 and he is going deaf, had bad days, arthritis and on rainy days he seriously doesn't move because I think he is in pain. I had to HAND FEED him cheese earlier this week and that is his ALL time favorite snack which he normally begs and jumps around for. I will say a prayer for you and your fur baby!

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