Two Down, One to Go; Boy or Girl?

I'm super thankful that yesterday's appointment went very well, even if it was very long.  Once we finally met with the sonographer, we waited for a student sonographer to take some pictures before getting to the screening portion of the ultrasound.

It was really fun to see our baby moving around.  I wasn't as thrilled with the sometimes forcefulness the sonographer had to use to get the information she needed.  At certain times, she needed the baby to move and she'd press down hard and "wiggle" at the same time.  Not a comfy experience for a pregnant lady who needs to pee for the 20th time that day.

Everything from the ultrasound appeared normal, which was comforting to hear.  The remainder of the screening involved a finger stick blood test that will be sent off for analysis.  I've opted not to hear the results of the test.  They'll be calling Mike. 

We were also able to see the baby's heartbeat...166bpm.  I'm really ready to hear the heartbeat, which should be at our next appointment.  At that same appointment, we should find out the gender.  That should be our third and final ultrasound :-)

As with last time, I don't have any preference to a boy or a girl.  I just want a healthy baby.  But, last time, I had absolutely no inclination of what I might be having.  We only found out about a month before Abby was born.  This time, for whatever reason, I just "feel" like I'm having a boy.  I honestly have no clue why I "feel" that way, but I do.  Maybe because last time we seemed to focus really hard on trying to decide on a girl's name (and we had a girl) and this time, we seemed more focused on finding a boy's name.  Maybe it's because this pregnancy seems so different and you can't get more different than girl and boy.  Maybe it's because I've been looking at girl stuff for years and I'm now seeing boy stuff (outfits, shoes, etc) that I haven't really paid much attention to in the past.  Or, maybe I'm just crazy and Mike will have a good laugh in a few weeks if the doctor tells us, "It's a girl!"

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