Screening, Daycare, Caffeine and Sweets

So, now that I’m nearly through the first trimester, I’m hoping to start feeling more energetic and less nauseous soon.  I’m totally ready for that any time now. 

Today, I have another appointment.  I’m not very excited for this one.  With Abby, we had a Level II ultrasound.  It’s more detailed than the typical ultrasound you get in most OB offices and we had it because I have no family medical history since I’m adopted.  We also opted NOT to have the first trimester screening with Abby.  For me, a screening that is only 60-80% accurate isn’t worth the worry and stress… This time around, the doctor recommended we get the screening to ensure insurance will cover the Level II ultrasound.  Even though it wasn’t a concern last time, that was over 7 years ago and health insurance companies change the rules everyday.  I’m completely uninterested in the testing/screening, to the point that we will inform them NOT to call me with any results.  Instead, they can call Mike.  For whatever reason, this is a major issue for me.  I think the doctor thought I was a little loony when I asked, “Do they have to give us the results of the screening?  Can we just have it to say we had it?”  But, truly, the results of the screening wouldn’t change how I feel about our baby and the possible anxiety just isn’t justified for me.  I’m a worrier.  I’m a “what-if” addict. 

I’m trying to psych myself up for this afternoon so I don’t completely fall apart.  In addition to the blood test, we’ll also have another ultrasound.  This one isn’t the Level II, but another basic ultrasound to take some measurements to coincide with the screening.  I am looking forward to seeing our baby on the ultrasound, so I’m hoping that’s enough to keep me calm for the entire visit.

Since the first trimester is nearly over, we’re starting to focus on finding child care.  I remember how much I disliked this the first time around and it’s not much different now.  I remember taking tours of places that I would be afraid to leave my child (no, I’m not kidding).  I remember taking tours of places that I thought were absolutely wonderful.  I remember choking at the cost of some places (back then, $1000/month was really, really high…now, $1400-$1600 isn’t unheard of).  Yep, all those memories came flooding back.  But, this time around, I can take comfort in knowing that Abby is a thriving first-grader who was in daycare from 8 weeks old.  We experienced bumps along the way, but we all survived.  I can remember crying all the way home the first time I dropped her off at daycare (for half a day).  I’m sure that will happen again, but it’s nice knowing that the world won’t end and that we will survive.

I’ve given up caffeine (including chocolate) for this pregnancy.  I did this when I was pregnant with Abby too.  It was a little harder before, but my aversion to sweets has helped tremendously this time around J  Today, we had a birthday celebration at work.  The treat?  Dunkin Donuts.  While I’m not a huge fan (I prefer Britt’s from Carolina Beach, then warm Krispy Kreme), I do have a soft spot for the chocolate Dunkin uses to cover some of their donuts.  Apparently, the sweet aversion hasn’t gone away just yet, because I had absolutely no interest in any of the donuts and there were plenty without chocolate.  But, admittedly, the chocolate smelled good.

A little more on the sweets aversion…I’m totally hoping God isn’t preparing me for gestational diabetes or something like that with this strong dislike for sweets.  Let’s be honest, a girl doesn’t get to be as plush as I am without a number of servings of tasty sweets and bready treats over the years.  But, I’m sure there is a reason…if only to keep from packing on useless pounds that are of no benefit to me or the baby.

On a different "sweet" note, Abby was recently home sick from school.  That afternoon, after the doctor's appointment, we went through the Chick-fil-a drive thru.  Abby wanted a chocolate milkshake.  We shared...because I was totally NOT thinking about the chocolate.  Yesterday afternoon, as we shared an afternoon snack of carrots with ranch dressing, she asked me if the baby would be ok since I drank the milkshake.  It was really a sweet moment.  I assured her that the small amount of chocolate wouldn't hurt the baby and if the baby does need extra care, it won't be because of the chocolate milkshake.  I really think Abby is going to be a very, very protective big sister. 

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Jamie said...

I am sure Abby will be a wonderful big sister!! I am so lucky to have Victoria because she is Brody's 2nd Momma! She is so protective over him and I know if anything ever happened to me he would be in good hands! I hate to think like that but I did have him later in life so I am 10 years behind everyone else, lol.

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