Pregnancy - Round 2

**This post originally appeared on Wednesday, May 11, 2011.  Due to a Blogger outage, it was removed.  This is a re-post.**

Now I can totally blame all of my recent forgetfulness on being pregnant. Anyone who knows me well knows my memory is usually top notch. Obviously, that won’t be the case for a while. Just yesterday, I needed to run to the bank at lunch. Guess how many times I drove past the bank only to realize I had missed it. Completely. One? Nope. Two? Nope. Three? Nope. Four? Yep. Four times. Seriously, the bank is less than 2 miles from my office. So sad. Then, today, on the way back to work from the doctor, I completely missed the turn. Instead, I drove the really, really long way back. I can see it’s going to be a rough few months.

I’ve heard people say no two pregnancies are alike. Somehow, I never really believed them…until now. With Abby, I didn’t have any of the typical first trimester symptoms (nausea, food aversions, exhaustion, vision changes, food cravings, headaches, breathlessness…I could go on). But this time around, I’ve been *blessed* with each and every one (and a few others I would prefer not to mention).

When I was pregnant with Abby, I gained a lot more weight that I should have. And, six weeks later, I’d lost a lot of it too. Of course, in the past 7 years, I also put most of it back on. This time around, I’m hoping to be more diligent and not gain a lot of unnecessary weight. Don’t start freaking out – I’m not dieting! But, I am going to try to make better choices and continue to exercise. Neither of those were on my radar 7 years ago.

As I think about all of the changes coming in the next 6-9 months, I realize that I now have a deadline for completing some things that I didn’t do so well with the first time around…like a baby book. I have all the pieces, but I’ve never sat down and really dedicated the time to finishing Abby’s baby book. At first, I thought “bad mama,” but honestly, it just wasn’t a priority for me. But, it looks like I’ll be finishing that up pretty soon.

I’m sure some of you are dying for me to post an actual due date. While I was given a tentative date today, I’ll wait until the ultrasound confirms the date…because you just never know. Let’s just day, it looks like we’ll be getting an extra deduction on our taxes this year.

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And here's the next obvious-&-annoying question: are you going to find out boy/girl??? ;-)

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