A Momentous Mother's Day

Stick with me on this, I promise you'll laugh at the end.

I'm pretty sure this will be my most memorable Mother's Day ever.  Even more memorable than being yacked on by my 2 month-old daughter on my very first Mother's Day (and yes, I will remind Abby of that when she has her first Mother's Day).

My beautiful family allowed me to sleep late.  Normally, I'm not able to sleep in, but lately I've been completely exhausted and felt pretty crappy.  So, the late wake-up call was quite nice.  Of course, I had wanted to attend church Sunday morning, but waking up at 10:15 nixed that pretty quick (since service starts at 10:55 and it takes us almost 30 minutes from driveway to pew).

As soon as I got up, I realized I still wasn't feeling all that great, but I could manage.  I couldn't figure out if I was fighting off allergies, a sinus infection, a UTI or what.  But, I'd been feeling crappy for weeks and I decided that I was going to the doctor on Monday morning.  No more excuses (I'm great at making excuses for ME not to go to the doctor.  But, I think my family should definitely go if they are sick).

Abby immediately wanted to give me my Mother's Day gifts.  I was ushered downstairs and presented a gift bag full of goodies - a Tervis tumbler with *MOM* and a fuschia lid, a *MOM* charm to go on my bracelet, and a *mommy&me* frame.  Abby was quick to tell me how easy it would be to show all of this off at work.

Still not feeling great, I ate a pop-tart hoping I would feel better.  After lounging around the house for a while, everyone got ready and we headed to Raleighwood for lunch and a movie - my choice.  We saw Gnomeo & Juliet and it was fabulous.  First, I want the soundtrack for that movie.  All of the songs were Elton John.  Next, we won't be dining at Raleighwood anymore, except maybe the popcorn.  I couldn't believe how unimpressive the food was or how overpriced it has gotten since the last time we went.  Regardless, we all had a good time and thoroughly enjoyed our ice cream cones from Baskin Robbins following the show.

Later in the afternoon, Abby and I fired up her Easy Bake.  We've used the Easy Bake kits for the microwave, but this was our first attempt at the real Easy Bake oven.  Abby baked a yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  Still not feeling well, I told her she didn't need to share it with me.  Mike, after one bite, decided she didn't need to share it with him either.  Abby was so proud of her baking debut and is ready to make something else.

We enjoyed hanging around the house the rest of the afternoon and evening.  Dinner was low-key, which was perfectly fine with me.  Throughout the evening, Mike and I really started talking about how I've been feeling lately.  Exhausted, stomach discomfort, nausea, trouble catching my breath, back pain, sharp pains in various places.  We joked that I was pregnant.  I figured I might as well rule that out before I headed to the doctor on Monday morning, so I ran out to the pharmacy to grab a test.

POSSIBLE TMI WARNING - I came back with a 3 pack figuring they didn't expire for almost 2 years so they might come in handy again later.  As an aside, when we were trying to get pregnant with Abby, it took almost 18 months.  And, just to get the stick to turn pink or show a plus sign or whatever, I had to wake up at like 4am to have enough hormones in the urine.  So, I've never considered myself a fertile Myrtle.  I sit down with the first test, and even though the - part of the plus sign isn't very dark, the | part is very, very dark even before I've put the cap back on the test.  Uh, what?  Wait a second.  What exactly does that mean?  I decide to take a second test since the first one wasn't what I expected.  And, the second one looked exactly like the first...and so did the third one :-)

So, this Mother's Day proved to be extra special because I found out I was going to be a mommy twice over.


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Congratulations Phyllis!!!! What a perfect Mother's Day gift!!!

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Yay!! Happy Mothers Day to you!!

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