In God's Time

This post is dedicated to all of us who are planners and control freaks.  Those of us who would rarely write in our dayplanners or calendars in pen, but opted instead for pencil because “things change.”  Those of us who like to plan everything to the smallest detail.  And, those of us who know that God is in control, but sometimes we forget.

When Mike and I reconciled our marriage in November 2008, we started having heart-to-heart discussions about growing our family.  We both wanted to have more than one child for various reasons.  We also realized that neither of us was getting any younger (who does?)  And we knew that Abby’s daycare days would be ending soon enough (I so looked forward to NOT writing those tuition checks each week).  In December of that year, I had my IUD removed (side note – IUDs are an awesome, no hassle form of birth control and I would recommend them to anyone once you’ve had your first child).  We tried for about 5 months when God stepped in and Mike was readmitted to NC State.  The decision was made that he would finish his degree, so we decided to put growing our family on hold.  Insert IUD (come on, that’s funny).

Fast forward a little over two years.  Through a lot of hard work and sacrifices, Mike is ever closer to that degree.  I’m so proud of what he has accomplished.  I would have totally given up by now.  After many discussions and much prayer, we decided that now was the time to start trying to grow our family again.  In my head, I was figuring it didn’t work the last time after five months.  It will probably take at least that long this time around and probably longer.  You see, one of the reasons I was given for the 18 month wait to get pregnant with Abby was my plushness, I mean excess weight.  I actually weigh more now that I did back then, so I figured that was just another reason to expect it to take a while.

Apparently, God didn’t see my plushness as an obstacle.  Nope.  He knew that now was the right time.  He decided there was no need to wait (seriously, He wasn’t kidding either).  I absolutely love knowing that God has such wonderful plans for me (and us).  I take comfort in knowing that no matter how hard we try, some things just don’t work out in our way.  Instead, we later learn/realize that God was waiting for the right time = His time.

(Yay!  This is my 500th post.  I can't believe it.  Thanks to all of you who read my rants and raves.)

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SUPER PRAISE!!!!! I love reading & hearing all this!!!!

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