Gender, Names and Other Things

Yesterday, we had the first ultrasound.  As I looked up on the screen, I thought to myself, "Wow, that looks a lot bigger than Abby did when we had this done before."  About 10 seconds later, the doctor says, "It looks like you're further along than we thought."  I'm a little over 11 weeks, so the first trimester has almost passed.  With a anticipated due date of December 7, I'll likely have a c-section around December 1.

In a little over a month, we will have the opportunity to discover the baby's gender.  And yes, I will do my best to find out.  Abby was uncooperative (go figure), but I'm hoping this one will be more willing to expose itself.  I know some people think a great part of the pregnancy and childbirth is the surprise factor.  Not me.  I'm a planner and not knowing the gender makes planning somewhat difficult.  Abby is very excited, because she desperately wants to know if she's going to have a little brother or a little sister.  I don't have a preference...I just want a healthy baby.

Of course, we've been tossing around baby names for a while.  With Abby, we didn't really tell anyone until she was born.  I'm leaning toward that this time around too, but I could always change my mind.  Abby has even made a list of names she likes and we told her that we would consider each of them.  Note I said "consider," not use.  I've made sure she understands the difference :-)

Thankfully, I now know how much stuff we didn't need or use the first time around with Abby.  And, I'm going to try to steer clear of that much stuff again.  I'm keeping my list relatively short and reasonable.  We won't have a bottle warmer for the car or the house.  We found those items to be totally useless because Abby seemed to be just as content with a cool bottle versus a warm one.  I'm also pretty certain we won't have a separate bouncy seat and swing.  Abby loved both of these very much, but now that they make combos, it seems a little silly to purchase both big items separately.  And thankfully, I won't have the desire to try all kinds of different bottles this time around.  Our favorites from before are still around and haven't really changed too much, which makes me think they are still a good choice (Ventair and Avent).  Last time I thought disposable bottles would be ideal...until I found that I'm not coordinated enough to use them.  Of course, since 7 years has passed, lots of "new" things are available that we couldn't have imagined for Abby.  Some of them are intriguing while others just make me scratch my head and wonder why people would ever buy such a thing.  To each his own.

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Jamie said...

December babies are awesome...maybe we will share a Birthday! Mine is the first :) So exciting!!! I know Abby has to be over the moon.

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