Strange Kid Things and Fresh Food

Abby asked me, on the way home from school, what happens to you if you eat a lot of chocolate.  I told her that if you eat too much and don't exercise, you could gain weight.  That seemed to work for her.  Of course, I was a little curious where that came from...she goes on to explain that a boy at school told her that if you eat too much chocolate, it will make you darker (I'll leave that up to your own interpretation).  She told him that wasn't true, but she wanted to confirm with me, just in case.

Poison Ivy
As a kid, I really loved to play outside.  I can remember playing in creeks, hunting for earthworms, building forts in the woods (obviously, I was not the typical girly girl).  Somehow, I was always lucky and I never touched poison ivy.  The thought never crossed my mind that a red, swollen, rashy thing on one of Abby's knuckles could be poison ivy.  But, the doctor confirmed that for us this morning.  So, she had a breakout the size of a dime on one finger.  Odd.

Fresh Produce
A few years ago, I participated in a CSA (community supported agriculture) in our area.  You had to pay in advance for about 20 weeks of fresh fruits and veggies from a local farm.  The items would be delivered to a central location for pick-up once a week.  I really liked the access to fresh food on a regular basis (it definitely beats schleping to the Farmers Market on Saturday morning with everybody else), but I really wasn't a fan of paying for everything up front. 

So, I was really excited when we had an opportunity to participate through our office with a CSA that is setup a little differently.  Smith's Nursery - Doorstep Market is like the best of everything... I can choose what items I want each week (some CSAs just give you whatever they have each week...which can be tricky when you don't know what some of the veggies are), there isn't a minimum order (I can order as few or as many things as I want), you pay with each order (no pre-paying).  I received my first order on Tuesday - spinach, sweet potatoes and strawberries.  As of today, the strawberries are already gone and we're making a good dent in the spinach.  I plan on cooking a sweet potato or two to go along with dinner tonight. 

If you have never participated in a CSA before, I highly recommend it.  Check out Local Harvest and find a CSA in your area.  Or, find a local farmer who offers pick your own, roadside stands, etc.  You'll be glad you did.


Sues said...

That CSA sounds like a DREAM! That's exactly why I've never done one before - paying upfront & possibly not wanting what they give you. AWESOME!!!!

Jamie said...

I was about to say the same thing! That sounds awesome. Too bad you don't live closer Phyllis because I am going to open my own market once my stuff gets grown...just kidding but I will be giving it away if I have enough! I want to try our Farmers Market here in Albany to see if they have anything good.

I hope Abby's rash goes away soon and she doesn't turn darker anytime in the near future :)

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