The Little Things

The Color Gray
I recently noticed that I now have three visible gray hairs.  By visible, I mean they are nearly the general length of my hair and I can easily identify them when I take a peek in the mirror.  They happen to be together, almost perfectly aligned with my right eye.  And you know what, they are staying right where they are...gray and all.  I'm not plucking or coloring them.  I consider them to be my own personal "gray badge of courage."  That's right.  I figure I've earned them in my 32.5 years and I'm proud of that.  My life hasn't always been easy, is anybody's?  But, it's my life and I'm not going to try to cover that up or pluck it away.

I finally broke down this week and upgraded my cell phone to a Blackberry.  There really wasn't anything wrong with my current phone, to be totally honest, but I've heard rumors that Verizon is likely to change their data plans over the coming months, similar to the changes AT&T made, as a result of the iPhone...tiered rate plans based on web usage.  Even though I'd love the iPhone (except I still like the *touch* of an actual QWERTY vs. a virtual one), I'm N.O.T. willing to spend $200+ on a cell phone.  Call me cheap, call me crazy, call me whatever.  I just won't do it.  So, I upgraded (for free) to a Blackberry Curve.  I've only had it about two days and I'm still learning all the little tricks, but I think I'm going to like this.  I love that I can get email updates, Facebook updates, news updates, etc. without additional charges.  I also love the 24/7 web access that my old phone didn't have.  Maps, directions, price check...all at my fingertips!  Hopefully, by the time I can upgrade again, iPhones will be less expensive.  By then, they'll probably be on iPhone7 or iPhone8.  Who knows?

And, to make me earn all the joys of this great new phone, I had the biggest struggle in getting it working.  But, all is well now.  I have a new charger cable (thanks to a trip to the Verizon store) and I know when experiencing technical difficulties with a Blackberry, remove the battery.  Sort of like your PC - when in doubt, restart.

Smelly Pet Peeve
I've always had this pet peeve, but it can really be frustrating at work.  Some people wear SO MUCH perfume/cologne that you can walk down a hallway and immediately *smell* that they've recently walked ahead of you.  And, by recently, I mean within the last 20 minutes or so.  Sadly, this is after a 8-10 hour workday.  Gag!  Don't wear so darn much.  Sometimes, I'm forced to miss the elevator just so I won't have to ride up two floors (yes, I am that lazy) holding my breath.  Seriously.  And, it's really bad when you are on the elevator and one of the stinkies hops on at the last second.  You totally miss the chance to take that one last clean air gasp before the door closes.

Really Rosie
Last Saturday, our family took in a little culture (my dad would be so proud).  We attend Raleigh Little Theatre's production of Really Rosie by Maurice Sendak and Carole King.  In the past, we've attended their production of Charlotte's Web, so we knew this venue would be right up our alley.  We all had a great time and Abby is even more intrigued by theater/acting/drama.  I'm so excited for her to find something like this that she enjoys.

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Sues said...

I think you will grow to love your smartphone! I never wanted anything more than the cheapest, most basic phone...until I got my iPhone 2 years ago, & it is my BFF. :-P

"Really Rosie" was one of the first musicals I ever did! <3 I was in 5th grade, and I kid you not - I still remember almost EVERY SUNG WORD!

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