Decisions God Makes for Us

Life can be challenging.  Being a grown-up can be really hard sometimes.  Making decisions that impact others can be daunting, especially when "others" are your kids. 

Yes, God gives us free will.  And yes, many of us choose to apply that free will "in the moment."  And yes, we realize that we don't always make the best (right) decision.

But sometimes, every so often, God knows that certain decisions would just be too hard for us.  He knows that we would spend countless hours worrying over every little detail, trying to figure it all out.  Sometimes, He takes all the guesswork out of life (at least temporarily) and He doesn't force us to make that tough decision.

That's how I felt this morning when I logged onto the website for Abby's school district.  Magnet status was made available today for parents who submitted magnet school applications for next school year.  Even though we love, love, love Abby's school this year (Go Hawks!), we're also aware of the uncertainty that her school faces.  Prior to last week's proposed budget announcement, parents and staff from her school had no idea what would happen (close, lose staff, etc).  Now, we at least know what the Superintendent wants, even if it's not a done deal yet.  So, in preparation for that unknown, we applied for magnet school, yet again.  The application was submitted about a month ago and I've thought about it off and on, but not much (which is unusual for my worrying self). 

God knows me so well.  He knows how important education is to me.  He knows that I worry, even though He tells me not to.  He knows that making the decision between a magnet school and her current school would just be too much for me right now.  So, He made the decision for me.  Yep.  I logged into the website this morning and was greeted with a thanks, but no thanks.  Every other time we've applied for magnets, I've felt sad and disheartened to find out the application was denied.  Even frustrated and slightly angry.  But not this year.  Nope.  I realized that I was actually relieved.  And thankful.


Sues said...

That peace of knowing God's got you on His right track is PRICELESS!!!

Leslie said...

I do love knowing that God made the decision for Chasity to stay at her current school. However, when we got the information saying that she had been wait-listed for the magnet school that is opening next year, I cried. I cried because when I told her that she didn't get in, she cried. :(

But.... after thinking about it, it's probably God setting us up for something better down the road. :)

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