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I really need to focus on blogging on a regular basis, but I just haven't been very good about that lately.  *sigh*

Life has been busy for all of us.  Abby started First Tee lessons last week.  It's really fun to watch the kids learn about the game of golf (and the game of life).  The program puts a lot of emphasis on character - something that will benefit them their entire life.  This past weekend, she started drama lessons with a local theater - Raleigh Little Theatre.  After the first lesson, I think she's hooked.

If you've read my blog for any period of time, you know my feelings about Wake County Schools, or more specifically the assignment process.  Last week, the new Superintendent (Anthony Tata) released his proposed budget.  He proposes adding additional resources to Abby's school and a few others (all under-enrolled due to previous reassignments to newer schools that have opened) to help make them more appealing and in preparation for the new assignment process that is being developed.  Even though it's just a proposal, it gave me hope that people are finally paying attention.  And, I'm really impressed with the new Sup.  He may not have the typical education background (he's career military), but I think he has a lot to bring to the table.  I think it's especially important that he really doesn't have a dog in this fight.  He's not from here, he hasn't been here during the past and he's a neutral party (so to speak).

I'm still trying that eat healthy, exercise thing (aren't we all).  I'm trying the Couch to 5k again, but I'm going to be realistic.  With my asthma and allergies, running can be a real challenge in the Spring.  So, instead of beating myself up because I can't do ___, I'm just going to focus on what I can do.  I was able to trot (jog/walk combo) a little over 3/4 of a mile last night in about 14 minutes before my lungs protested and threatened to walkout on strike.  Before, I would have been upset that I didn't get the full 30 minutes I had targeted, but this time I was just glad I made it 14 minutes.  I'll try again tomorrow. 

I still promise to upload pics of Abby's decorated bedroom walls.  They really are adorable.  It broke my heart a little last night when she asked, "Mom, what are we going to do with my decorations when we move?"  I really didn't have an answer, because I know we aren't moving for at least 2 more years...we just renewed our lease through March 2013.  Thinking about it a little more, I think I may try to salvage all of her words and phrases and mount them on frames to create art pieces that can be moved, no matter where we go.

My heart hurt even more this morning as I found out a high school classmate's infant son passed away yesterday afternoon.  My thoughts and prayers are with the Eudy family as they cope with the loss of Carter.

That's enough for now... hope all of you are doing well :-)

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Jamie said...

I think all of our hearts are heavy and holding our babies a lot tighter. So sad.

What a great idea about her phrases and framing them. I would seriously do that. Esp with cute stuff you know you will never hear again.

I have found if I don't blog I get really depressed. It's the best form of *free* therapy!

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