7th Birthday Celebrations

Last Wednesday, Abby turned 7.  I'm still trying to get my head around that.  It seems like it was only months ago that I was pregnant and waiting to meet her.  Cliche, I know.

Abby with her Cat in the Hat (she shares her birthday with Dr. Seuss)

A semi-toothless smile

But, she is 7...a high-energy, independent, intelligent, spunky, fashion conscious, boot and flip-flop wearing, Jesus-loving 7 who makes me question my own sanity at times.  God bless her, but she can really push my limits on some days.

I mentioned previously that part of her birthday celebration was a trip to the beach for the weekend.  So began the "Week of Abby." 

On her birthday, March 2, I picked her up from school about 90 minutes early.  We headed to the nail salon for a mini-mani/pedi.  She chose a sparkly blue/teal for her toes and a sparkly red/purple for her fingers.

From there, we stopped by Locopops for a popsicle.  Abby chose Orange Mango and I opted for Rose Petal.  I have to tell you, Rose Petal tasted exactly like rose petals smell.  And, there were actually rose petals throughout the popsicle.  Yum!

After that, we stopped by The Cupcake Shoppe so Abby could choose her "birthday cake."  (We don't need an entire cake sitting around the house for days because we will eat it.  So, we decided to purchase three cupcakes for the evening's celebration.)  Abby chose Big Red (a red velvet), while Mike opted for Pretty in Pink (strawberry) and I tried Lemon Zinger (lemon with lemon curd filling).  All were quite tasty.

That evening, Abby opened her presents from us and Mike's parents... she was floored.  She received two new Wii games (Just Dance 2 and Disney All-Star Party) and the newest Taylor Swift CD (Speak Now), along with flip-flops (she was thrilled with one pair and didn't even see the second pair) and wall art (mirrored butterflies and designer letters - I'll be posting more about these later in the week).  She was super excited about everything and couldn't wait to put everything to good use.

On Thursday, she received a globe in the mail (think beach ball-style, deflated).  It was from my parents.  She was really excited about the globe, not realizing it meant a subscription to National Geographic Kids!  When she figured that out, she was thrilled.  She loves to read non-fiction and learn about other places and creatures.

To round out the "Week of Abby," we celebrated on Friday evening with a dinner of her choice - Kanki.  I laughed out loud when Abby informed me she only wanted steak and shrimp...they could keep the rice and veggies.  I guess she will never be referred to as a cheap date, huh?

All in all, I think our princess felt truly royal and is counting down until her next birthday.  I hope it doesn't come too quickly.

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That's so sweet. Her expressions in the photos are priceless!

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