A Letter to the New Year

Dear 2011,

I was so looking forward to your arrival as 2010 came to a close.  You and I both know that 2010 was a memorable year, but not one that I'd wish to repeat.  Honestly, I was hoping 2010 would go by a little quicker there at the end...because it just felt like what could go wrong did just that - went wrong.

I'm all for humor and practical jokes, but you have already shown me your mean side.  When I wanted 2010 to be in the past, I didn't intend for you to pick up where 2010 left off (no pun intended).  With January just behind me, I find myself frustrated.  You are proving to be an even more caustic year than 2010 ever thought of being and we're only through the first month!

Seriously, throw a girl a bone.  No, wait, I want to be careful what I ask for...please don't literally throw me a bone...because I fear it would come in some undesirable form - broken or falling from the sky.  Scratch that.  Just stop being so darn difficult for a day or two.  Pretty please?


No, I haven't fallen completely off my rocker.  Yes, 2010 was very hard for our family, but the hardship was very localized (Mike was sick, money was tight, etc.)  It was a lot for us to navigate, but we made it through with only a few bumps and scratches.  I'm super thankful for family and friends.  I can't thank everyone enough for their prayers that were offered up on our behalf over the past year.

That being said, I thought God was using 2010 to help me to understand that my faith is strong (sometimes I don't see it...but apparently other people do).  Also, I think it helped me to learn to let things go and let God intervene in His own time.  Of course, judging from the first month of 2011, I must not have learned exactly what God had prepared for me.  It's been one of those years, so far. 

For my fabulous prayer warriors, please send up prayers for the following:
  • Mike's father was hospitalized this week.  He'll be having surgery today.  Please pray for healing.
  • Mike's grandmother was placed in a long term care facility last week.  I don't really have more details than that right now...on top of just praying for her, please pray for family harmony as everyone deals with this.
  • Mike's brother is continuing to heal from his broken back.  My main concern is that he doesn't overdo it as he heals.
  • My mom has an aircast on her foot until June 2011.  Pray that this will be enough to heal her foot and no further treatment is required.
  • Work.  There are a number of changes taking place at my job right now.  Please pray for smooth transitions and positive outcomes.
  • Healing for our neighbor following the death of his partner of 16 years.
  • Unspoken


Sues said...

Oh, Love! You know I hear you! Covering you & all your prayer requests!!!

Jamie said...

Thinking of you! My year has also started off far from the way I wanted it too! It seems it has been that way for many. Saying a prayer for you and your family. I also hope Jamey keeps from doing too much as he heals too!

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