Hang Ten Tuesday - Your Opinion Counts

Every Tuesday, I'll be sharing a few treasures from my [web] surfing adventures...affectionately referred to as "Hang Ten" Tuesday.

NCSU - Sensory Service CenterEven die hard Carolina fans might be interested in this one...have you ever wanted to be part of the process in determining the next flavor of ice cream or the best turkey lunch meat or the perfect ratio of chocolate to milk in a glass of chocolate milk?  Then you should visit the NCSU Sensory Service Center and sign-up to be a Taste Tester.  This is a great opportunity for anyone in the Triangle area.  For those of you who aren't, you still might want to check out the website just for the learning opportunity.

Those of you who sign-up to be a Taste Tester will receive emails notifying you of another opportunity.  Based on your responses to a survey, you may qualify to participate as a taster.  Completion of the tasting gets your compensation from $5 - $35 for a very small amount of time.  Abby qualified for a chocolate milk tasting and received $55 over two Saturdays for a total of 12 minutes.  Mike and I have also participated.  We've received gift cards to Target and Harris Teeter...really, you can't go wrong.

Opinion Outpost
Join Opinion Outpost and you will receive points for successful completion of surveys.  Based on your responses to some basic questions, you will receive emails notifying you when a survey matching your category is available.  The points add up pretty quickly and you receive payments via check when you decide...with checks as little as $5. 

The survey topics vary...what is your impression of this print ad, what is your opinion of banks/banking, would you consider reading these books...so there is something for everyone.

I joined at the beginning of the year and I already have $7.50 ready and waiting to be mailed.  And, there are another 6 surveys available for me right now to complete (and earn more points).  The only limitation - one Opinion Outpost member per household.

Have fun making your opinions count this week...

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Sues said...

Awww, I would looooooooooooooove to be a Taste Tester!!!!!

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