"Hang Ten" Tuesday

Every Tuesday, I'll be sharing a few treasures from my [web] surfing adventures...affectionately referred to as "Hang Ten" Tuesday.

Keeping Up with the Slawters
I've been a calendar addict for as long as I can remember.  One of my favorite stores to visit was the Franklin Covey store at Crabtree Valley Mall...until they closed the store earlier this year.  (grrrr!)  The closing of my beloved store forced me to evaluate my calendar addiction and start thinking outside the box.

This helped me realize that it was difficult to keep my calendar updated (dayplanner in a cute binder) because I was having to carry it around everywhere.  Sometimes, it's too cumbersome and I would just try to remember to add things when I got home.  That didn't really work out all that well when I would forget to remember :-)

Enter Google Calendar and Cozi.  I actually started using Google Calendar first.  It didn't take very long to update and realize that I needed to keep separate calendars for me, Mike and Abby, as well as a calendar that just contains special dates (family birthdays, anniversaries).  For those, I just put the special occasion and the original year.

Of course, once I got comfy with Google Calendar, I stumbled on Cozi.  I love the extra features that Cozi offers (To Do List, Shopping List, etc).  I also like that it sends out a weekly agenda to the email addresses you register to the account.  (This has been a super easy way for me to make sure Mike is aware of all the things that just seem to pop-up on our calendar throughout the week.)  And, I'm able to sync Google Calendar and Cozi so there wasn't a need for me to re-enter everything from Google Calendar into Cozi.  (The catch...if you sync items from Google Calendar, you can only view them in Cozi...you have to manage those in Google Calendar.)

And, for those of you with all the new toys and gadgets, Cozi has apps for iPhone and Droid users. 

Enjoy getting organized during this hectic season!!!

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