"Hang Ten" Tuesday

Every Tuesday, I'll be sharing a few treasures from my [web] surfing adventures...affectionately referred to as "Hang Ten" Tuesday.

Designer Clothes
This week, I stumbled on an article at the News & Observer about a website that lets girls design their own clothes.  I immediately thought of Abby...our little fashion diva who wears some of the strangest and cutest ensembles that are totally her own creation.  Seriously.  I can't take credit for her sense of fashion because I. have. none.

I decided to check out the site to see how easy it would be to create a design (and how affordable).  Here are my quick designs at $27.50 and $41.50. 

To be honest, the site was fun and easy to navigate.  You can easily get lost in all the choices and options...and jack the price up pretty high if you aren't careful.  Keeping in mind that every extra adds to the price, I think this would be a fabulous gift idea (Christmas or birthday).  I can't imagine how excited Abby would be to design her very own dress, shirt or pants.  The options are endless!

Coinstar Deals
Thanks to the Faye Prosser, our local SmartShopper, I may have just finished paying for my last few Christmas presents.  Cash-in at Coinstar with $40 in loose change and you can choose to receive the money in the form of a gift card to popular retailers...with a $10 boost.  That's right, cash-in $40 in loose change and receive a $50 gift card.  Many retailers are already participating (iTunes, Lowe's Home Improvement, Borders, Regal Cinemas) and Amazon.com should begin on December 9.

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