And the Countdown Begins

Do you remember counting down to Christmas as a child?  As I've gotten older, I find myself less interested in countdowns...only because it reminds me how much time I DON'T have.  Now, on December 21, I'm ready to start my countdown.  4 days until Christmas and only 3 days until Christmas Eve Eve. (Admit used to countdown to that one too!)

Abby and I officially finished our Christmas shopping last night with a trip to Hallmark and a quick stop at Michael's.  I was so proud of her last night.  When we arrived at Hallmark, I told her that I would let her choose her dad's card...all by herself.  I took her to the right section, because the holidays card can be overwhelming to a little girl.  I left her there while I perused the store.  After about 10 minutes, Abby had chosen a card all by herself.  You could tell she put a lot of effort into choosing the "right" card.  She was so proud of herself too.  After a few more minutes, we were done. 

The stop at Michael's was merely an adventure in enabling my OCD/control freak tendencies.  I am, to quote my friend Emily, "a gift wrap snob."  I shy away from the jumbo rolls for $2.99.  I tend to pass over the rolls of paper you can almost see through.  I avoid bulk packages of bows.  I go for the thick, over-priced, glamour wrap that you find at Hallmark.  If money were no object, all of our gift wrap would be color coordinated at Christmas.  (Like I said, OCD/control freak.)  Of course, money is not endless and my dear hubby has to cut me off every year at the day after Christmas sales.  But, I do my best to have a couple of rolls each year that coordinate.  Anyway, we popped into Michael's to purchase a roll of satiny ribbon to match *my* rolls of gift wrap for Christmas.  Abby helped me choose a pretty green that should look adorable on our gifts for Mike.  I know, I'm teaching her to be just like me.  But, I could think of plenty of things worse than being a gift wrap snob.  Mike will balance me out when they wrap my presents :-P

Abby is so excited about her gifts for her dad this year.  She was able to fully participate and she's sooo ready to start wrapping.  Since I'm working through Thursday, I promised a morning of gift wrap mania first thing Friday.  I can't imagine what time she'll be waking me up, but a promise is a promise. 

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