Through Him

You know you are having a rough go of it when by 9am you are:
  • Running late for a meeting
  • Carrying an unnecessary piece of AV equipment to said meeting (box light projector)
  • Realize on the way to said meeting that you still possess the key that locks the cabinet where said AV equipment is stored...and key must go back for others to access other items
So, I turned around, returned the equipment and put the key back.  After all of that, I was even later to my meeting.  (To be honest, we're talking 5 minutes later, not 30...but still.)  For whatever reason, that episode went right through me and actually caused me to tear up.  I had absolutely no clue why, but I do know that I found comfort in chanting ,"Through Him, all things are possible."  I chanted that to myself over and over again as I walked to my meeting.  I chanted it to myself as I got on the elevator and even as I finally entered the meeting. 

And, you know what?  By the time I got into that meeting, I felt much better.   Yeah, I was still late, but I really didn't miss anything.

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Sues said...

Amen to this post! I stress out crazily about being late - even 5 minutes! (Even 3 minutes, when it comes to school pick-up.) And I often find myself talking to God: "I know that I'm in Your will and that You will get me there in Your perfect timing..." It is the ONLY thing that calms me down; and quite honestly, it may have saved lives, with the way I drive so fast when I'm even 30 seconds late.

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