Thanksgiving at the Beach

For Thanksgiving this year, we took a trip to Carolina Beach to stay at a friend's ocean-view condo for a few days.  I really wasn't sure how much I would enjoy a trip to the beach during the off-season.  Carolina Beach isn't like Myrtle really does mean most things are closed.  As a kid, I never really understood how families could take week long vacations to the beach and just "hang out" without planned outings to various places.  Of course, that's probably because my family never did that.  I don't think we ever tried.  We always had somewhere to go, something to do.

We drove down on Wednesday evening just as rush hour ended in Raleigh.  Perfect timing.  We took Bojo with us and he was fabulous.  It was nice having him there and he seemed to like the new sights and smells...although he would have happily traded the 3 flights of stairs to the condo...3 flights is a lot for a plush (fat) beagle.  We stayed until Sunday morning.

To be honest, I had the most fun when we were just hanging around the condo or walking on the beach.  Abby and I played countless rounds of Yahtzee and I had the chance to read Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen (thanks Susie for the recommendation) and The Mailbox by Marybeth Whalen.  Both books were wonderful and I would highly recommend them.  Both are NC authors.

Of course, a trip to the beach wouldn't be complete without the drive to Myrtle Beach to visit Broadway at the Beach.  And, a visit to Broadway wouldn't be complete without visiting Build-a-Bear, M.R.Ducks and River Street Sweets.  Abby is the proud caregiver to Rudy and Clare (her newest reindeer to add to her large family of build-a-bear friends).  M.R.Ducks still reminds me of my best friend from high school.  And River Street Sweets allowed us to watch taffy being made and fresh pralines.  As a special treat, they had seasonal pumpkin pralines...and they were delicious.

And, we can't travel to Wilmington without visiting the Life is Good store.  I honestly think our family could spend days and thousands in that store if time and money were no object.

To top off the holiday weekend, Abby participated in our church's Hanging of the Greens service last night.  It was so fun watching all of the children and youth participate in decorating the church.  I really enjoy singing the Christmas carols during the program too.

I have so much to be thankful for this season and year-round.  God has truly blessed our family.

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Sues said...

That sounds LOVELY!!! I'm so glad you liked that author, too - makes me more likely to actually read "The Girl Who Chased The Moon" :-)

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