"Mama's Gone"

This is an update to my shameless plug from last week.  A few weeks ago, I submitted a short story for an online writing contest: Mama's Gone.  Thanks to all of you who voted!  I found out this morning that my story tied for first place and my story was the most commented on of all the stories submitted.

Just to clarify...this story was pure fiction for me personally.  My mom is alive and well...and lives across town from us in Raleigh  :-)

I'm super excited about my prize, a copy of  Screen Doors and Sweet Tea by Martha Foose.  I mean, really, if Paula Deen says it's good...

I was surprised who much I enjoyed the time spent writing my story.  Maybe I should take a little time every so often to write for fun.

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Sues said...

YAY!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And "Screen Doors and Sweet Tea" sounds SOOO COOL!!!!!

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