In the Holiday (card) Mood

Even though elves didn't swoop in overnight, clean my house and setup all my Christmas decorations, I'm totally getting into the holiday mood.

Christmas cards are always a point of discussion in our house.  Everyone has an opinion on theme, colors, pictures (who should be in the picture), and who should receive a card.  And, once all of that is decided, there's which stamp should we use.  Oh, the madness!

And, every year, when stores are running clearance sales, we'll usually buy some of the leftovers to make the process a little less expensive for next year.

I was super excited to read about the holiday cards being offered this year at Shutterfly.  I've never been a huge fan of Christmas cards that are printed on photo paper because they just don't seem like "real" Christmas cards.  They are always beautiful, but I prefer card stock cards.  I guess that makes me a traditionalist.  Enter, Shutterfly Christmas cards.

After spending lots of time looking through the cards at Shutterfly, I finally narrowed them down to my three faves.  On a side note, having the card actually read "Merry Christmas" is important to me, as you can see in my faves below:

Dazzle and Shine - bright and colorful, lots of room for different pics, *love* the footer on the inside of the card

Shimmering Snowflake - flexibility with pics and wordings, a simple card but still very classy

Retro Plaid - what's not to like with a fun holiday twist on Burberry plaid

I'm totally thankful that we haven't taken our Christmas photos yet...that way I can pick our clothes based on our favorite card.

Hopefully, you're inspired to hop over to Shutterfly and start creating your Christmas cards for this year.  While your there, don't forget to check out great gift ideas...including wall calenders.  I love getting the chance to pick our cutest seasonal photos of Abby from the past year and sharing them with family and friends.  It's also a great keepsake for us too.

Don't forget...bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly… sign up:

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Sues said...

Stamps: I *alwaysalwaysalways* use the Madonna & Child stamp. :-) I'm obsessed. I've even driven to multiple post offices to get enough. :-P

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