Halloween Weekend

We had an awesome weekend filled with a cheerleader, a championship, chimes and a chance to grow in God. And yes, it took me nearly a week to get the photos edited and uploaded. What can I say? I'm slack when it comes to pics.

A Cheerleader
Our church hosts an annual Fall Fest every year on the Friday before Halloween.  This year, Abby dressed as a cheerleader.  She gobbled up nachos and a hot dog before moving onto the games.  Because we are much more involved at church this year (and aren't newbies anymore), we had a lot better idea of what to expect.  Abby was thrilled when one of her friends from Sunday School and GA's joined us as we went through the "hall of games."

A Championship
Our niece is a member of her school's volleyball team (Asheville Christian Academy).  On Saturday, we surprised Abby by attending the state championship game that was held at St. David's School in Raleigh.  The girls did an awesome job and played with a lot of heart.  They weren't able to win the championship, but they should be very proud to end the season as runners up in the state.  Abby really enjoyed watching the team and cheering with another one of her cousins.  And, she even got a chance to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa for a little while...not to mention lunch with her Aunt.  This was seriously a super-terrific day for Abby.

Chimes (sort-of)
This year, I joined the handbell choir at our church.  I have always loved handbell music.  On Sunday, we performed during both morning services.  I was uber-nervous, but the performance went really well (even if I didn't get every note right).  With that out of the way, we'll be preparing for a concert in December, as well as morning services the week before Christmas.

A Chance to Grow in God
Every year, our church presents each first grader with a Bible.  On Sunday, Abby's first grade class was presented with a Bible.  It was so cute seeing the kids line up and receive their Bibles.  Each child was handed the microphone and they introduced themselves.  Being a teacher for the girls each week on Wednesday nights, it was especially fun to see them looking through their Bibles once they returned to their seats.  Abby was interested to see the pictures for some of the most recognizable stories.

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Leslie said...

Be sure to let us know when the concert is. If it's a weekend that I don't have something going on at my church, I may try to get up there. I love handbell music. I know you are having fun doing it too. :)

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