The Faith of a Child

For about a month now, Abby has been talking with Mike and I about her desire to go forward at church to profess her faith in Christ.  Since I accepted Christ into my heart as an adult, I really had no concept of this journey as a child.

Abby spoke with the Children's pastor at church a couple of weeks ago and she was completely ready.  This Sunday, she walked forward and spoke with Dr. Roberts.  She was quite certain and her decision.  I had to hold back tears as we sang with the congregation while Abby went forward.  She walked so tall and looked so grown (all 4 feet of her). 

After service, we stood behind Abby as members of the congregation welcomed her and congratulated us.  The pastor's wife told me how cute Abby could see the certainty and determination on her face as she came forward and told Dr. Roberts that she had accepted Christ into her heart.  She said watching Abby's face almost made her cry.  That made me realize it was probably best that I couldn't see her face (I could only see the back of her head), otherwise, I would have been blubbering all over the place.

I'm amazed at how much Abby has grown over the past year or so.  I know, "they grow up so fast," and "enjoy every minute."  All of that it true, but I think I'm enjoying the growing part too.  If someone had told me two or three years ago that my child (my stubborn, strong-willed, independent child...did I mention she's just like her mom and dad) would be writing her own praise and prayers down each night before bed, relishing the challenge of learning the books of the Bible (in order), finding great joy in filling shoe boxes every November, asking to read a devotional each day and professing her faith in Christ...I probably wouldn't have believed you.  That may sound terribly negative or un-Christian.  But, it's not meant as either.  We've all grown a lot over the past few years and I'm so thankful for that.

Now, with her new found challenge in Bible Study, we will be learning the books of the Bible in order (this is something I've never done before either).  I'm excited to be learning and growing with Abby.  I'm sure I can learn a lot from the faith of my child.

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Sues said...

This is SUCH a gorgeous testimony!!!

(PS - have you found the Old & New Testament Books of the Bible songs to learn them in order, yet? Growing up Southern Baptist, I was queen of Bible drills b/c our pastor's wife taught us those two songs. :-P I'll check YouTube!)

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