When it rains, there is prayer

I wonder if God ever thinks I don't have enough to pray for...so He adds in a few more things (all at once).

I found out at the end of last week that Mike's nephew (a senior in high school and  fabulous young man) has been very sick for nearly two months.  He's lost 14 lbs in the past 5 weeks and the doctors are still at a loss when trying to determine the cause and a solution.  I know how difficult the past 10 months have been in our family as we struggle with Mike's undiagnosed illness, but I can't imagine going through the same thing with a child.

My dad's health.  Being nearly "40" ;-) (you see...I know he reads this and I can't imagine the reaction if I posted his actual age), he's finding that getting into your "40's" is a lot more complicated (and painful and expensive) than most of us realize.  My dad and I have always been really close (only child, girl, duh!) and it's hard to see him in pain or discomfort.  He's quite stubborn and doesn't want to bother anyone.  Both qualities that I completely understand (hello, I am his daughter), but qualities that make it difficult to get a straight answer sometimes about how he is feeling or what is going on.

We're still struggling to get answers to Mike's illness.  It took me months to accept the fact that there was nothing I could physically do to help Mike feel better.  I couldn't buy special foods at the grocery store, I couldn't cook meals a certain way, I couldn't find all sorts of "natural" remedies to fix everything.  I finally accepted the fact that even this chapter in our lives is part of God's plan and nothing I do can change His plan.  I continue to pray for wisdom and resolution...and hope for understanding.

A co-worker's newborn (he was born nearly 8 weeks early) remains in the NICU.  He's gaining weight, but he's still having trouble breathing on his own.  He's a little over 2 months old now and has a long road ahead of him with complications that were discovered in utero.  I'm praying that he continues to grow stronger and his breathing improves.  I'm also praying that his parents know that God is there for them and He can give them the strength they need.

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Sues said...

Wow - what a flood of ick news we're receiving. :'(
What your said about your dad particularly hit me; I've felt that way with my mom the last couple months. I think it's even more dramatic b/c my dad was so much older than her & even JB's parents (the "other" grandparents) are almost a decade older, too; so I always think of her as being so young & vibrant...but now things are hurting 24/7, she couldn't go to Tweetsie with us when we were home, b/c we were staying all day & into the evening, and she was she she'd be hurting to bad to walk that much. Makes my tummy churn. Uncomfortable. Scary. Not ready for this stuff from her, yet...
Prayers all around for all of these requests!!!

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