The Simple Woman's Daybook

For today...Thursday, September 9, 2010

Outside my window... the sky looks beautiful and I'm totally jealous that I'm stuck in my padded cell.

I am thinking... how to get my house clean and keep it clean. The story of my life. I'm just not good at this.

I am thankful for... weekends. I don't think I could survive if they didn't come on a regular basis.

I am reading... nothing right now. I've finished everything I was reading and I haven't moved onto the next book yet. I'm still trying to decide what to read. I'm considering just listening to the next book. But, that still begs the question...which book?

I am remembering... Abby's insistence on wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt today. I wonder how that worked out for her...since it was supposed to be 87 this afternoon.

I am going... to handbells again starting this Sunday. With everything going on with us back in the Spring, I decided trying to add handbells was too much. But, I think I'm in the right place now and I'm really looking forward to it.

I am hoping... school continues to be a positive experience for Abby.

On my mind... ready for cooler weather.

Noticing that... I'm unbelievably tired lately. Not just a little tired either. I guess I need to start taking my vitamins on a regular basis.

From the kitchen... fish? chicken? Who knows?

One of my favorite things... staying organized.

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Sues said...

Yay for handbells!

And you can have our cold: high was 70 today, and I was freezing by the time soccer ended tonight!

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