Left or Right - Not "How do you drive a car?"

Mike kids with me sometimes about my need to give a complete explanation to even the simplest of questions. I think I'm more likely to do that with people who I KNOW don't think they same way I do. Mike and I analyze and process situations completely differently. That can lead to terrible confusion and miscommunication. Having gone down that road many times before, I try to think ahead and give complete information to reduce the possibility confusion and miscommunication.

At work, my "complete" responses are spared on those who wouldn't benefit. Either, they already know the background information, we've discussed the topic before, background information doesn't impact their question or THEY JUST DON'T CARE. Sometimes, I wish other people would spare me a "complete" response. If I say, "I'm going to the mall at lunch. Should I turn left or right out of our parking lot?" I'm looking for something like, "left,' or "right." Not, "since you'll be driving your car, you should take your keys. Once you've reached your car, unlock the driver's door, open it and sit down. Close the door. Put on your seat belt. Take your key and insert it in the proper place, usually to the right of the steering wheel. Turn the key to the right until the engine starts. Adjust the mirrors and radio volume to an acceptable level. If you pulled into the parking space forward, put the car in reverse." You get the idea. And, at the end of the answer, they still haven't told me if I should turn left or right!

I know most people mean well, but it drives me bonkers sometimes.

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