Instant Prayer Response

Never doubt or question if God is listening to you. I know, there are many times when we pray for something. Fervently. Only to feel that God is completely ignoring our prayers...but why? Because we aren't getting what we want instantly? Because we aren't getting what we want at all?

Think of it another way. God knows best. He knows all the other "pieces of the puzzle" that we haven't encountered yet. He knows this request really wouldn't be the blessing we're interpreting it as today.

After much frustration, tears and internal turmoil, I finally gave up all control yesterday and asked God to do something with my situation. I've been praying for this or that, but never just, "please, take control of this and make it what You will." 24 hours later, I can honestly say that God heard me and laid His hand on me and my situation.

I should have never doubted that God would do what needed to be done. I should have asked sooner. But, it's amazing that He still loves me (even after my lack of faith) and stepped in to take care of me. God is great!

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