Unless you are brand new to my blog, you've probably noticed recent changes to the layout and content. True to myself, it was time to shake things up a little bit.

I think as we grow and experience life, we come to identify ourselves in a different way. 10 years ago, I considered my hometown to be Concord...even though I had lived in Raleigh for 4 years already (just as long as I had lived in Concord). Now, I consider Raleigh to be my hometown. Time and experiences have changed how I define that aspect of my life.

To highlight a few of the changes - I've added a Calendar page (Just My Schedule). No, I don't think my life is so exciting or all important that you want to know all about it. But, with everything so crazy and hectic, I figured it made sense to make it available for any of my friends trying to coordinate something with me. If you can already see that my weekends are booked for the next 3 weeks...that takes a lot of guesswork and back-and-forth emails/phone-tag out of the picture. And, it's a quick and easy way to give my sweet hubby a peak at my dayplanner when I (or the dayplanner) are nowhere to be found.

I've also added a page about getting healthy (Just My Journey). I've struggled with staying committed to eating healthy and regular exercise. I think my biggest struggle is accountability. If I commit to posting and keeping an online record, I think I might feel more accountable and stay on track. Of course, that could be totally wrong and completely off base. But, I'm willing to try it (at least for the next little while).  **Update 11/18/2010** Just My Journey has been removed.  Apparently, it wasn't working for me either.  I'll need to find something to keep me motivated and on track.

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Sues said...

Yay for shaking it up a bit! You sound really strong right now. :-)

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