Birthday Weekend and the Week Ahead

The weekend leading up to my 32nd birthday has been great. Nothing spectacular or extravagant, but still a blessing. I had already received my birthday presents from Mike and Abby a little early (handbag and wallet). They felt I still needed a little more, so they took me shopping last night and I picked out a pair of silver earrings (dangling stars) and a basic silver necklace (that will work great with just about any slide or pendant). I wore the earrings to church this morning and they still haven't started hurting my super-sensitive ears. Woohoo!

On Friday, I was greeted by a gift from my in-laws. I now have my book for our upcoming Women's Bible Study, a gorgeous new lunchbox and some cute magnetic bookmarks. All wonderful and all will be put to good use.

This evening, I'll be rejoining the handbell choir at our church. I'm really excited. I love music and this is a great opportunity for me to share my love of music. Abby will be at Bible class during the same time, so she's looking forward to church on Sunday nights too.

Abby has auditions on Monday evening for Willy Wonka KIDS at her school. She's been learning The Candy Man from the movie and she's a little nervous. I'm excited for her, but I'm trying to play it down...reminding her how many kids will be auditioning and how we're proud of her even if she isn't on stage during the play. She seems willing to participate backstage if the audition doesn't work out. I'm thankful for that...but still preparing myself for tears once the cast list is posted.

Tuesday night is Open House and PTA for Abby's school. I'm looking forward to a chance to meet parents from Abby's class and meet some of her other teachers.

On Wednesday, I think I have a meeting before GA's..."think" because I don't have all the details yet. I volunteered for a new position in our Sunday School class, but I'm not sure about the meeting this week.

Thursday is a chance to catch our breath, unless something else comes up before then.

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Sues said...

BUSY but AWESOME!!! I love all the stuff you're getting into, and praying for Abby to have a positive experience!

(And love your new blog desgin!)

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