Birthday Thank You

Thanks to all of my friends and family for the fabulous birthday wishes. You really did help to make it a fabulous day.

Some really special parts of this birthday...

-My mom wished me Happy Birthday through Facebook. You must understand, my mom rarely does anything via Facebook. This was monumental!!!
-I enjoyed a Four Cheese Souffle from Panera for my birthday breakfast. Talk about yummy. It has been years since I had one and it tasted even better than I remembered.
-This is the birthday that keeps on giving - I received a tasty soy Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks this morning.
-I have cute new earrings that don't hurt my ears and Abby picked them out all by herself.
-I feel a little sassy each time I grab my new handbag. You see, pumpkin just seems sassy considering all of my previous handbags.

Thanks again to everyone. I'm hoping for this to be my best year yet!

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Sues said...

I love your happy, sassy bday!!!

Oooo, and I *LOVE* chai lattes!!!! :-D

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