1st Grade - Abby Style

I just wanted to share a couple funny stories from Abby's first few weeks at her new school.

"The Principal's Office"
Abby was a little worried that she would get lost at her new school, so Mike told her, "If you get lost, find Mr. Ford (the principal)." Our little princess took this seriously. On day one, she walked out of the multi-purpose room (early arrivals), right out the door. When she realized what she had done, she turned left and walked into the main doors to the school, near the Principal's office. Once inside, she found the principal, introduced herself and told him she was lost. He kindly showed her to her classroom...and she hasn't lost her way since.

"Wildlife & Cabins"
One afternoon, Abby was excited to tell me about the wildlife she saw on her way to music class. Music class, she explained, is in a cabin (trailer for you and me). Apparently, a raccoon was under the "cabin" when the class walked past.

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