Taking the Plunge

After some heartfelt prayers and listening, I've decided to take the plunge...and volunteer in Abby's GA (Girls in Action) class beginning next week. I'm still not exactly sure how the year will go (Aug - May), but I'm certain God has a plan for us both. I'm hoping it will be a positive experience and teach us about each other.

I still haven't told Abby. I'm going tonight to attend the training session. But, I think I'll let everything be a surprise for her. She'll come into GA's from choir and I'll just be in the room, hanging out :-)

Through all this, it made me feel good to hear someone tell me, "you have a servant's heart." I never really think of myself in that way, but it was nice to hear.

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Sues said...

AWESOME!!! I *LOVED* GA's growing up, and not only will Abby be excited, but you'll bless so many other girls! Fantastic!!!

(PS - I'm now in the same boat. Guess who's coaching Annelise's cheerleading squad? :-P)

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