A Summer of Fun

Today is the last official day of Finley Day Camp for the summer. Technically, Abby will have one more week next week, but with fewer campers and counselors. The schedule will also be a little different, so it just won't be the same.

I knew we liked the Y programs last year when Abby participated in Tracking Out. The only issue was she enjoyed the summer track out a lot more than the winter one. She's an outdoors kind of girl.

Last night, we attended the end of summer Family Night for FDC. Most of the counselors were on hand, along with campers and their parents. It was a cook-out with hot dogs and lemonade.

I've been impressed with FDC all summer. Impressed when my daughter comes home with new cheers and songs. Admittedly, we've had to impose "no cheer" weekends for our sanity as parents. Impressed when she hops in the car during Rides Out and begins to tell us all the great stuff she did. Impressed when I got phone call(s) about how my daughter misbehaved. Even impressed when I got the phone call telling me she had to go home for the day because she really misbehaved.

But, during last night's festivities, I was even more impressed. Impressed that every counselor knew every camper in attendance. Impressed that every counselor made the effort to mingle with the parents, introduce themselves and say something positive about each camper. Impressed that even though they had spent all day in 99+ degree weather and had done their job for the day, they immediately jumped to action when Abby fell at the bottom of a hill and reinjured herself after a rough fall yesterday morning. Literally, they came jogging down the hill, picked Abby up and carried her off. After setting our stuff down, I went searching to find them comforting her while cleaning her wounded knee and getting her bandaged and ready for more fun.

Then, to watch the counselors (some younger than my own nieces and nephews and some nearly my age) dance and run through songs with the campers...it was amazing. Amazing to see that each one of these fabulous people were there (on a hot evening in August) because they wanted to be, because they chose to be, because they cared.

Watching the slideshow brought tears to my eyes. Seeing the campers and counselors together, sharing their summer experiences (all set to well chosen music) was just awesome. (That's A-W-E! S-O! ME! Awesome! Awesome! Totally!) I felt so blessed knowing that Abby was able to be a part of that. I am also very thankful that she was given that opportunity.

Abby has really loved summer camp. I think the experience has been a positive one for her. She's grown a lot (as a person) over the summer and I think most of that can be attributed to the fabulous relationships she built at FDC.

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Sues said...

What a blessing!!! I LOVE the sound of FDC! (And I am a big fan of that "Awesome" cheer. ;-) It's how I learned and *STILL* remember how to spell that word!)

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